Apple Orchard

by - October 09, 2016

We love going to the apple orchard every October. Tasting the apples, finding the "perfect" ones, laughing, giggling & enjoying each others company. I feel so blessed to have this family that I do. God gave me exactly what I wanted & I love doing life with them!! Couldn't imagine my life without these 3.

Last year I made a video of us enjoying the apple orchard & had to make another one this year. This will happen every year & it will be fun to see how much the girls grow & change. But please, just don't grow up to fast..

And here is our video from last year.
I used the same song for both videos because it is such a dear song to me / our family. This is the song that Adam wrote for me. He surprised me with this song on our wedding day, having one of our best friends sing it.

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