these are a few of my favorite things....
(material things that is)

by - February 20, 2017

I did a blog post like this a couple years ago, & decided to do another.
Some things are still my favorite & some things are new.

These are my "I can't live withouts" & my "guilty pleasures".
Obviously Jesus, family, food and a roof over our heads is the most important things in life , that said. this post in just about my current loves at the moment when it comes to "STUFF".

CLINIQUE foam face wash.
 Love this stuff, it gets nice and sudsy & takes off all your make-up, yet gentle at the same time.
 I also love that it doesn't have a strong smell. which is a must. I always like stuff "scent free". 
After having babies I can't stand the smell of anything strong or perfume-y. 

Clarisonic. My parents got this for me for Christmas probably 7 years ago! I still love it and use it almost every night. You just need to replace the "brush head" every 3 months. 

EMINENCE clear Skin Moisturizer. Been using it for about 3 years & love it. I buy it in the huge container. Its pricey, but It lasts me almost a whole year. 
(I also love this)

CLINIQUE Body Butter. So creamy & soft. I have extremely dry hands in the winter & love putting this stuff on. It's not greasy and it's also scent free. It's also great stuff to use on your skin in the summer after a day in the sun. 

Love so much stuff from their skincare line.

Recently I tried the Warby Parker 5 free home try on glasses. So much fun getting them in the mail & seeing if they are good quality, comfy, and actually nice in person. They were all those things. I bought a pair from them & LOVE THEM!! The prescription is awesome, & the fit is perfect.
Highly recommend trying this out for yourself.

NORDSTROMS. My favorite store to shop at for basically everything, haha!

CHASER brand clothing.
 My favorite place to get these is NORDSTROM RACK. Much cheaper than buying it off Chaser itself. They are so trendy and cute. One of my favorite chaser shirts I own. The back is just so cute!

For years & years I bought a million pair of jeans, from abercrombie, macys, express, gap, etc. They never fit me perfect & I would always get sick of them. They also seemed to stretch out after I wore them all day & so I would need to wash them & shrink them so they fit nice again, annoying. I found a pair of RAG AND BONE jeans on a sale rack while I was shopping at Nordstrom about 3 years ago. SCORE! Boy did that change the way I bought jeans forever. They fit my body PERFECT. They are so comfy, soft, & have the perfect stretch. They are still my favorite jeans to this day & I bought them 3 years ago. Tested & true. Worth the expense in my opintion. When you see them on sale, get em! you won't regret it. 

I have only ever bought sweaters from this brand. There sweaters are fun, cute, trendy & have the cutest stuff written on them. Like my political sweater, haha! Yes, I did wear this when I went to vote.
Oh and they are SO SOFT!

Personal Microderm replicates the treatments given by professionals by using the same Aluminum Oxide crystals on the patented spinning discs. Leaves your skin feeling uber soft and fresh.

Ray Bans Aviators. Been my favorite for years now. 

I wear these almost daily. I wore them a lot this year when running errands even in the snow, even rather than my Sorels!  I just love, love, love hunters! They make inserts for them so your feet stay warm when you choose to wear them in the winter. They are actually very comfy and stylish at the same time. Goes with anything. But my favorite way to wear them is in my Yoga pants ;).

I love this Nars lipgloss. It's been a favorite of mine for probably 3 years now. Color is - Turkish Delight

MAC lip stick.
My favorite color to wear is -HUE. 
Its the perfect nude. I love a good nude lipstick. My other favorite nude lipsticks from MAC are:
 - Creme D'Nude - Myth - Fleshpot - 

This is my favorite necklace of all time. I wear it on the daily, goes with anything & everything & is so simple yet elegant. It also has extra special meaning to me because this was my "Push Gift" from Adam when I had London. If you don't know what a Push gift is then you are missing out my friend! I had no clue this "gift" existed when I had my first baby, Summer. So when I had L, Adam made sure to get me something super special. Something that I had my eye on for many, many months. 
Side note- I also have super sensitive skin, cheap necklaces make my chest get red, itchy and sometimes even break out in little bumps. Not cool. So another reason I love this necklace. I could wear it for days straight & my skin won't react. 

Got this stuff for Christmas from my dad about 3 years ago, & have been hooked ever since. It is such a great smell, relaxing, helps you fall asleep and good for the muscles. 

 You can find this at Total Wine. Its the roscato d'asti, red.
Number 19

I got this blanket while it was on sale. & I am so glad I did cause it costs an arm and a leg. After having it for a day I wasn't sure I would keep it since it was so spendy. But every time I snuggle up or want to get cozy, or at night when we watch shows, no blanket quite does it now that I have this. I realize that sounds ridiculous. But if you know me, I can't even sit on the couch to "snuggle in" without a blanket to snuggle up with. This blanket is so soft it feels like you just set a fluffy cloud onto your lap. It's not heavy, yet keeps you warm and cozy. I told Adam I don't think I can go on trips without it, I must find a way to pack this in my suitcase! 

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