London is THREE..

by - February 26, 2017

My baby turned 3. Her birthday was a couple weeks ago. February 6th. 
We had a fun week celebrating. She is such a goofy, spunky, lively little (big) 3 year old! 

You are completely opposite from your big sister, Summer.
Which is a good thing because you are your own person.
From the very minute your birth-day started everything went differently.
You came into this world at full speed. 
I couldn't even take a Tylenol because you were on your way into the world,
& you weren't waiting for nothin. 
We got to the hospital around 10 am, & checked in.
Dr. broke my water a little while after getting to the hospital
(just like he did with Summer)
& apparently that was your "lets get outta here!!!" moment. 
I could hear the nurses saying "Page the Dr!"
...not the most relaxing thing to hear when your baby is coming out.
Well, 10 minutes of pushing & you were born.
11:16 am. 
20" long
7lbs. 1oz.

Thank you Jesus for another healthy, happy, perfect baby girl. I was in love all over again. 
Every time you have a baby your heart grows that much more then you think possible.
The perfect amount to love that baby just as much as you love your other baby. 
Its a beautiful thing.

- Birthday Morning / Day -

 - Birthday Party-

The other night Adam and I were driving in the car coming home from a date night out.
 He said "I have this song you have to hear, it reminds me of London".

 He put the song on & I couldn't help but laugh, a lot. 
The beginning part, and the chorus. So London.

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