by - March 18, 2017

I absolutely love Arizona. 
I have been there the last 3 years but never with Adam. 
It was always for a girls trip, & a boys trip. It was so much fun going together, finally! 
We had such a great time.
I am overly, super duper, extremely blessed to have such amazing parents who gave this to Adam & I as a blessing / birthday gift. 
Both of my parents are extremely giving & selfless. They think of others above themselves always. Especially when it comes to their kids. I never take any of this for granted & I feel very lucky, & blessed to have them as my mom & dad. 

This outdoor mall is so gorgeous. 
Adam & I couldn't resist picking a fresh orange from this Orange tree.

My favorite Italian restaurant. so good.

These mountains are seriously breathtaking.

-This old man & his friend were apparently watching me do my yoga poses.-
(I couldn't resist with this backdrop)
I got done & he says to us in a serious tone,
"I'd rather be a live wimp then a dead yoga."

Trying to teach Adam to find his balance ;)

Just trying to freak out my Mother. It worked.

This Spa  was amazing.
After a long hike up the mountain my Dad made my mom & I a massage appointment. 
This place was so nice & relaxing. 
After my massage I went into the steam room with some ice cold cucumber cuts, laid them on my eyes & just relaxed. 

Convertible. The only way to travel in a state like this.

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